There is something that I just love about the seasons changing this time of year. I’m not sure if it’s the weather getting warmer for outside activities to begin, or if it’s simply getting the chance to bring my spring clothes from the back of my closet to the front. But, just because the weather is changing doesn’t mean you have to say bye to all those winter pieces of yours – especially those found at Tanger Outlets. There are so many ways to be versatile with your wardrobe this time of year and today I’m focusing on how to transition my workwear from winter to spring.

Your Staple Black Pant

Tanger Outlets_Black Pants
Photo: The Style Bungalow

We all have that one pair of black work pants that we love. They’re a great piece for winter to keep me warm and looking my best. But, don’t let the length and dark color fool you, they are fabulous for spring! I love to take my black pants and pair them with a pastel-colored blouse and a nude sandal – you probably haven’t thought about that, right? Yes, it’s true that in spring, black and nude can go together and will lighten your look leaving you blooming in happiness.

Winter Whites to Spring Brights

Tanger Outlets_Winter Whites
Photo: Something Navy

Whether it’s your comfiest pair of white jeans or your coziest white sweater, “winter whites” have become a major trend on every block. So I’ve been thinking, why not turn these winter whites into spring brights?! Keep those whites front in center in your closet for the spring season. I am loving these skinny white jeans matched with a light cream sweater. Pull it all together with your favorite handbag, bright jewelry or a pair of sunnies to complete the look.

Cardigan Carry Over

Tanger Outlets_Cardigans
Photo: Memorandum

For me, one of my favorite pieces when talking “workwear” are my cardigans. You can never predict the weather this time of year – sometimes it’s cold outside, but hot indoors; or warm outside and freezing indoors. Cardigans provide the perfect layer to get you through the guessing game of the season and your workplace’s air conditioning! I love the simpleness of them and that they can add a little spice or modesty to any outfit. Check out this navy cardigan tucked into a patterned skirt. A perfect choice as the days begin to turn warmer or your office AC kicks up!

Thanks for following along as I “spring” full speed ahead! These are just a few of my favorite ways to transition workwear from winter to spring, and I would love to hear yours! Don’t forget, Tanger Outlets is here to help so come see us at a center near you for outfits like these.

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