Well, it’s that time of year for me again when the constant expense of allergy medicine seems to put a dent in my bank account. I find myself at CVS pharmacy more than I do my own house! And let’s be honest, has anyone ever walked into CVS and ONLY left with what they needed? I don’t think so. As beautiful as the beginning of spring can be, it can easily be clouded by my lovely friend, pollen (insert cringe). But beyond the sniffles, hope’s restored with all of the colors and fresh blooms the season brings!

Last week, I talked all about my neutral inspiration and styling looks to tone down my spring flare a bit… This week, I’m ready to jump back into the color game, but not get too wild. I went to the first spring farmer’s market with my girlfriend last weekend and she showed up in an awesome green sundress that got me hooked on finding something along the same lines to add to my closet. Her dress has been on my mind all week, so I figured I would share what I’ve been finding to cure my desire for something new. Maybe you can help me pick?! I actually have a b-day dinner for a colleague coming up this Friday, so I was already planning a trip to Tanger. Mental note – I need to pick up a gift card for her b-day gift… Always thankful for the ease of gift cards!

Item No. 1

Tanger Outlets_Green romper
Photo: Sheln

I’m in love with this first look that I found. It’s like the romper version of the dress my girlfriend wore. Sometimes it’s difficult for me to find rompers that work with my height – I have pretty long legs which make things appear too short. I think one like this with the drawstrings will help with that. And it looks super comfy! In addition to the above mentioned b-day dinner, I could sport this to concerts and other festivals coming up this spring. Rompers give me a little more coverage than a dress, but are a step up from a simple short and tee. This look is definitely the frontrunner so far!

Also, please note the cheetah clutch. There’s one more item I need to add to my list!

Item No. 2

Tanger Outlets_Green flats
Photo: ShopStyle

Then… I stumbled upon these shoes! I have a serious shoe obsession. But with options like these, how can you not? Lately, I’ve seen so many lace-up flats. These kelly green beauties are the ultimate pick for work or play, or both! Talk about the perfect way to add a little boldness to any outfit. I wouldn’t necessarily style them with anything else green, but they would be great as a statement shoe, with a more neutral outfit.  

So… Romper or shoes?

Which one would you pick? The romper would be super easy for the b-day dinner, but the shoes would definitely be the topic of conversation (which every girl loves). Comment below and let me know what you think. I’m headed to Tanger tomorrow to try and find something within my budget and already have a number of stores in mind that would carry each of these. Who knows, I’ll probably come across 10 other beautiful green pieces and then I’ll really be in a bind!

Thanks for your help! Bye, friends.

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