Last week I was all about music festivals, outdoor concerts and other fun things that give me some of my favorite spring memories. But there’s more to the season than just fun in the sun with your besties. With Earth Day coming up, I’ve had volunteer work on the brain and spring always brings the best opportunities to give back in the community. Whether it’s tackling the monkey bars with kids, landscaping a community center, building a house or bagging lunches for the needy, there are so many ways to help out on the weekends. And I love volunteering with friends. It’s such a nice change in our usual plans!

Now volunteer work, wherever and whatever it may be, is definitely an activity that takes wardrobe into consideration. So my priority is COMFORT! Volunteer days can be long and I want to make sure I can last through the whole day while staying cool and comfortable. Since Earth Day is this Friday, why not combine my activist wardrobe advice with nautical finds to fuel that conservancy on the brain? I do love a good theme…

Tanger Outlet_Striped-loafers
Photo: Pinterest

Shoes are always my first thought when I know I need to be comfortable. I’ve been needing a lightweight pair of summer sneakers or boat shoes and, fortunately, Tanger has all the best brands for comfort – Skechers, Nike, Under Armour, Off Broadway Shoes – you name it, they pretty much have it! Bonus points if I can find some nautical loafers like these from Sperry! (Yes, Tanger has a Sperry Outlet too!)

Tanger Outlet_j.crew chino shorts
Photo: Pinterest

Usually when you volunteer, you’re given a t-shirt. But I still like to add my own flare and style with my shorts! The chino shorts from J.Crew are my favorite way to stand out, and with all the different lengths and patterns they come in, the options are endless! (O hey, stripes – we see you.)


Lastly, when I head out for a day of volunteering, I want to make sure I have everything I need. Sunnies, work gloves, hand wipes, water, snacks (you can never be too prepared!) so a large straw tote makes for a perfect holder for all my needs. Plus, it’s super cute to repurpose at the beach! Whether dirt or sand, this material can weather just about anything. You can find similar styles to this at LOFT Outlet and SAKS OFF Fifth.

At the rate us millennials move, I know it can be hard to slow down and give back, but my friends and I love volunteering and our offices even support it with community service hours! Keep my volunteer styles in mind this season and share your favorite activities with me! I’m always looking for new hobbies and remember – many hands make light work.

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