It’s that time of year again when friendly faces from years past seem to pop up a little more than usual. I’m talking alumni events! Now these two words may not bring back the fondest of memories for some of us, especially when your first thought jumps to a horrible outfit you rocked in high school or that humiliating moment in front of a crush. We’ve all been there.

I have a high school reunion coming up next week so these thoughts have definitely been running circles in my head for a few days. Tip: a wine and cheese night with the gals always helps me in times like these. 🙂 But on the other hand, I’m really excited for the event. Getting to see old friends is always a blast. We can pick up right where we left off no matter how many years have passed or the miles separating us.

Back to the struggle… Figuring out what to wear! I’m taking on a “Have & Add” mindset. We all have those favorite statement pieces that never let us down on a rushed morning. And what’s the harm in shopping for a couple of add-ons that will surely impress?


Tanger Outlets_White Dress


Tanger Outlets_Red Heels

Little Black White dress? Of course! I love the simplicity of this dress and I find myself wearing it to a number of different events. It’s an easy go-to! You never really know who you will run into at these events, so staying on the flirty YET conservative side is probably your best bet. I am obsessing over these red fringe heels. Aldo, I’m coming for you! You’re sure to turn heads in this look!


Tanger Outlets_Blush Pants


Tanger Outlets_Blush Top

Photos: Pinterest

Since we’re still getting into the warmer temps of late spring, I want to have an outfit option in case one of those cold fronts comes through (just my luck). After picturing what I have in my closet, I remembered a pair of neutral pants that I bought for one of my first work events. I’m thinking of looking for a chic patterned blouse that would work perfectly with my pants. Hopefully J.Crew Factory or Express Factory Outlet will have something similar! Plus, I can always pair this with white jeans for a day out, sometime this spring or summer.

Alright, now all I need is to plan a Tanger shopping trip so I can search for these add-ons. I’ll be sure to check the Tanger coupon deals before I go!

Hopefully this helps in planning for your next reunion, work event, alma mater’s career fair, etc. You know Tanger’s got your back for quick finds and steals so check it out and let me know what you pick up.

Have a good week!

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