Dad. A word that has much more meaning than 3 simple letters. Whether a role model, best friend or the family jokester, we all know no one can replace our dads. As Father’s Day quickly approaches, I’m sure many of us have a similar task on our weekly to-do list… finding the perfect gifts! This year, I have a lot on my plate with quite a few gifts to give. Between my own dad, my granddad and my boyfriend’s dad, I’ve been trying to think of options that will suit any type of father figure in my life. So this week, I’m giving you gift ideas that will leave all the dads you love happy as can be.

To: Dad

I’ve met very few dads that don’t LOVE to grill out. My dad can find almost anything to throw on the grill. Last week he made grilled chicken and veggie skewers, phew, talk about a winner! So this year, I’m thinking I’ll play up one of his favorite summer hobbies with everything grilling. My dad recently bought a new grill so either a few new cooking utensils or perhaps some delicious recipes will be just the ticket. Obviously, I’m headed straight to the Williams-Sonoma Outlet. I found this Nonstick BBQ Tool Set that will definitely “heat up” the look of his new grill. And better yet? It’s $49.99! Maybe your dad hasn’t reached the “grill master” level yet, no worries! They have a huge selection of cookbooks that will get him into the grilling mindset. And let’s be honest, I’m sure he could always use a taste tester 🙂

Tanger Outlets_Father's Day Gift

To: Grandad

Since a Grandad has gone through a fair share of Father’s Day gifts, I’m sure he doesn’t need another golf shirt or sweater to add to his closet. I thought of something a little more unique this year. Polo Ralph Lauren is the place to be when I set out on a wardrobe and accessories hunt. I found these great Polo caps for only $12.00! $12.00 people! It will look adorable (I mean handsome) on my grandad and I know he doesn’t have much of a hat collection. With so many color options at a fabulous price, you could pick one up for the other dads on your list too.

Tanger Outlets_Polo

To: All Other Dads

Now “all other dads” doesn’t necessarily have to mean your boyfriend’s dad. Maybe it’s a dad with no relation to you at all, but they’re someone special in your life or maybe it’s one of your best guy friends who’s about to have his FIRST Father’s Day! Sometimes this can be the hardest gift for me to decide on. I don’t want to get something too personal, but want the gift to be meaningful and useful. I’d say, a good book never fails. And you can go in so many directions with it. From cookbooks, to history books or books for leisure reading, there is something for everyone – especially for new dads! And if you really aren’t sure what type of book they would love the most, a copy of one of the classics is a no brainer. Book Warehouse has everything a dad could possibly need (and read).

Tanger Outlets_Father's Day Gifts
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Well that’s a wrap on dads! No matter how many dads are in your life, I hope my tips on dad-gifting will help you out this week. And remember, you are your dad’s greatest gift, so don’t stress too much! Not to mention with all the shopping possibilities at Tanger, your gift finding will already be far from chaos. Be sure to share your Father’s Day moments with me on Instagram and tweet @TangerOutlets using #TangerMillennial for all your questions.

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