Bring on the red, white and blue… America, this one’s for you! Can you believe it’s almost the 4th of July? I sure can’t, but no complaints here. To celebrate the holiday weekend, I’m headed to my boyfriend’s lake house with his whole family. I have been tagging along for almost five years now (okay, I’m officially old), so you could say it’s become somewhat of a tradition. So, I have kept a personal list of Lake Day Essentials since I started joining in on the trip. Talk about armed and ready, these essentials will have you at peace on packing day, and we all know how hectic that can be.

Essential #1: Your Cutest Suit

Photo: Pinterest

All white everything! The idea of sporting an all-white swimsuit can seem a tad daunting. But with the right fit and material, it can be a breeze. J.Crew Factory  has perfect fits for all shapes and sizes. I love the statement that this crisp color gives off in the summer. Plus, it is so easy to mix and match with a white suit. To keep my weekend bag packed light, I always toss in a patterned bikini piece that I can match with white for the weekend. Two in one, what’s better? TANGER TIP: Never bleach a white suit! Rinse it as soon as you’re done with cold water and a gentle detergent, and let them air dry on a drying rack or towel!

Essential #2: A Lightweight Cover-Up

A lake day calls for nothing less than all-day sun time. Between riding on the boat or lounging on the dock, I always make sure I have something to throw on over my suit to give me a break from the heat. A lightweight cover-up like the one above is my next essential. The blue and white tie-dye will compliment my white suit perfectly, and if the material isn’t too thin, I can also style this as a casual dress. I found this adorable option at American Eagle Outfitters at Tanger Outlets last week. And hellooo? Off the shoulder is so in right now!

IMG_8154_American Eagle_EDITED

Essential #3: Hello, Hair Wrap, It’s Me

Photo: Etsy

Although my water skiing skills aren’t quite up to par yet, there’s nothing I love more than spending time on the boat. However, it is nearly impossible to get my hair to cooperate without turning into a tangled (and scary) mess. A hair wrap is a definite essential for any boating activity. I found a similar patriotic-themed hair wrap last year at Forever 21 and ahh, swoon. It was just what I needed and put me in the 4th of July spirit!

Essential #4: Party Snacks

Photo: The Cake Blog

Since my boyfriend’s family is so gracious to let me join in on their family time, I always whip up something fun and patriotic in the kitchen as a way to say thank you. As part of the holiday celebration, the lake puts on a stunning fireworks show that is out of this world! They always throw a casual get together for neighbors and friends, so a little snack like this is sure to bring the “wow” factor. Don’t these rice krispy pops look delicious? I have found so many cute ideas and recipes over the past few years. Pick your favorite and bring it to life! Trust me, you’ll be a one-of-a-kind guest.

Well, I’m off to begin packing and prepping my lake day essentials! Wherever the 4th of July takes you, keep my essentials in mind! You’ll thank me later. Enjoy your time (and extra day off work!) spent with friends and family and don’t forget to tweet me with any questions at @TangerOutlets using #TangerMillennial!

XO and Happy 4th!

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