Well, it’s that time of year again when all the kiddos head back to school and traffic in the city becomes even more of a headache. In lieu of a new school season beginning, I can’t help but think about my years in school (this is going to make me feel old). I thought I would take a little trip down memory lane for all the young souls out there about to gear up for the fall! So get those school supplies ready – Here are a few tips that will make you the talk of the school.

Tip #1: Dress to Impress


Did you really think your style wouldn’t be first on my tip list? Always dress to impress, but don’t overdo it. You don’t want to come off as the overachiever or teacher’s pet on the first day. Keep your look put together but not too rigid. Each of these looks are a great choice. The look on the left is perfect for presentation or test day with its edgy yet professional taste. The look on the right nails the casual yet sophisticated style and is one for the books! My go-to school wear was always skinny jeans and a comfortable yet chic top. And as much as I love sandals, a closed toe flat or loafer always worked best by the end of an 8-hour day. 

Tip #2: Be Prepared


This is key. You can’t possibly succeed without being prepared. Get your books, your schedule and all other must-haves together before your first day. Making sure you have a perfectly working pen will be the last thing on your mind once your workload piles up.

Tip #3: Take a Deep Breath

We all know the feeling of being bogged down by school work and it seems to come pretty quickly after the first day. But take heart, don’t stress! Chances are this is just one day, one test, one presentation in the grand scheme of things and it’s not going to matter nearly as much tomorrow as you thought it would. So take a deep breath, you got this!

Tip #4: Be Yourself!


This is by far the most important, and not just a tip you should carry through school, but in wherever life may lead you. Always be yourself! You’ll be far better off than the others.

So if you’re headed back for a new school year, be sure to use my tips and tricks that will put you a grade above every time. For more A+ insights on back to school, be sure to tweet me at @TangerOutlets using #TangerMillennial!

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