As much as I’m rejoicing that we’re on the cusp of the fall season, two words have me enjoying these last moments of warm weather… summer sales! If you’re a shopaholic like me, you know what I’m talking about. Although I love the latest and greatest fashions, nothing beats those last minute summer steals at amazing prices (Tanger prices that is ;)). Today I’m sharing my tips on what to grab before the summer ends. Everything from items that can carry over into the fall and ones that will give you a headstart when the summer season comes back around. Let’s begin!

Steal #1: White Jeans


The ultimate fashion faux pas of wearing white after Labor Day ceases to exist these days as trendsetters get more and more risky. So of course this made my first steal on the list. I found these white wonders at J.Crew Factory for only $55.00! and couldn’t be happier. I plan to wear these well into the fall season with a pick from my bootie collection and a leather jacket. I have so many tailgating parties coming up, and these will be a game changer (if you’re brave enough to bare the all white look).

Steal #2: Sunnies


Sunnies… for year-round sunshine of course! I always seem to be stuck in the routine of buying all my shades at the start of summer. But it’s always a good time for a new look… especially with options like these from J.Crew Factory, there’s no time to waste! Sunnies by price: Top pair ($22.00), Middle pair ($22.00), Bottom pair ($25.00)

Steal #3: Suits on Suits


You may think I’m crazy, but one of the best times to snag those summer suits is at the END of the summer! These are some of the chic options I found at J.Crew Factory (Hint hint: ‘kinis: $29.50, one piece: $59.50). They’re my absolute favorite go-to for swimsuits.

Steal #4: Sandals


Put a little pep in your step with these sandals from the Cole Haan Outlet for only $90.00! Trust me, you can get away with the open-toe style for a couple months before it turns chilly. When it rolls around to the summer again, you’ll be ahead of the game with a gorg pair of shoes. It’s one less thing to worry about on your future packing list for that first summer vacay you’re dreaming of. I know I missed a few on my list this year.

Well gals, you heard me! Get shopping for these last minute summer steals before they disappear. I know sometimes it’s hard to justify buying summer items at the start of a new season, but believe me when I say these are so worth it! And with brands like these, there’s no excuse. What are your summer steals? Share your photos with me on Instagram at @TangerOutlets using #TangerMillennial!

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