Hello… it’s me.

Who doesn’t love when Adele starts off your Monday morning?!

For me, it was a crazy weekend to say the least. Errands, errands and more errands filled up my schedule and before I knew it, it was Sunday afternoon.

But anywho, my week has gotten off to a great start (well, so far this morning at least :)). I’ll be a busy bee planning for the weekend fun coming up. Which leads me to ask, did you all watch the games the other weekend?! Although not much of a football fanatic myself, I quickly jumped on the NFL bandwagon (guilty) once a few friends invited me over to watch.

So of course, me and a couple of friends decided it would be fun to host a party for the Super Bowl! Touchdown idea, right? 😉

So this week, I’m comin’ attcha live with my How-To Host list.

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How-To No. 1 | Decorations

DON’T go overboard. Remember, this isn’t a kid’s themed football party. Now, some people get really into this kind of thing, so keep decorations split equally between the two teams. Napkins, paper cups and pom-poms are a good start. And keep it casual, paper products are your best friend here.

How-To No. 2 | Sips & Snacks

The real key to hosting is to not feel pressured to prepare everything yourself. You want to be sure you have time to enjoy your own party! Ask a couple close friends to bring an item or two to help out. The game is around dusk so a few apps and drinks will do, no huge dinner spread needed. And wait (omg), Pottery Barn Outlet has the perfect snack bowls for your spread, check them out! Also, themed cocktails are always a winner. Perhaps one for each team?

How-To No. 3 | Outfit

Of course I have to include outfit ideas. Again, keep your outfit neutral. To keep the sporty mood alive, I’m planning on going for an laid-back athleisure look for the big game day. A tie legging and my favorite sneaker will be the ultimate comfy play. What do you think?

Now I just have to decide which team I’m going to cheer for! Secretly of course to ward off any angry fans.

What are your plans for the big game? Whether you’re playing hostess or invitee, I hope you’ll keep my How-To’s in mind!

Signing off!


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